Virtual Summit: Women Docs Thinking Outside The Box

Practice Medicine and Live Life on Your Own Terms

Hi, Fellow Women in White Coats!

Are you a physician who is dissatisfied in your current job?

Have you been thinking about pivoting and making a career move?

Has the pandemic caused you to re-evaluate where you are and what you are doing?

Would you like to practice medicine on your own terms so you can be more present for your family?

Or have you realized medicine isn't quite so stable and that you need additional sources of income?

Then be sure to register for our Virtual Summit: Women Docs Thinking Outside the Box.

You will hear from our amazing line-up of 20+ guest experts who are all women docs thinking outside the box, living life and practicing medicine on their own terms.

They will share with you their best tips for making a transition into:

  • Telemedicine
  • Locums
  • Physician Leadership
  • Utilization Review
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Private Practice
  • Med Spa
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Medical Media
  • Writing a Book
  • Professional Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Stock Investing

And so much more!

Receive FREE GIFTS just for registering for this Summit:

  • 10 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance as a Woman Doc
  • Guided Gratitude Meditation
  • Guided Visualization for Women Doctors
  • And more from our speakers

Our Summit is no longer live, but in cae you missed it you can still catch all of the replays with a VIP Pass. With a VIP Pass you will gain lifelong access to this valuable content along with a number of other exclusive perks:

  • One Month FREE in our Women in White Coats Doctors' Lounge
  • 10% off all our Online CME Courses
  • A chance to win a FREE 60 min coaching session with one of our Co-Founders (must register by 9/10/20 to be entered into the raffle.)

The VIP pass is just $349.

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Since so many doctors are wanting to pivot in their careers right now, we decided to put together a Women in White Coats Virtual Summit called Women Docs Thinking Outside the Box.

Our online summit will feature interviews with the following guest experts, all women doctors thinking outside the box and living life and practicing medicine on their own terms:

  • Dr. Aditi Joshi on Getting Started in Telemedicine
  • Dr. Lisa Herbert on Leadership for Women Physicians
  • Dr Andree Leroy on How to Become a Lifestyle Medicine Doctor
  • Dr. Letizia Alto on Real Estate Investing For Women Physicians
  • Dr. Bonnie Koo on How to Create Financial Freedom
  • Dr. Nerissa Kehrer on Getting Started in the Pharma/Biotech Industry
  • Dr. Stephanie Freeman on How to Get Started in Locums
  • Dr. Erica Howe on How to Become a Paid Physician Speaker
  • Dr. Jyoti Patel on Setting up a Concierge Practice and a Med Spa
  • Dr Romie Mushtaq on Becoming a Chief Wellness Officer
  • Dr. Amna Hussain on How to Set Up a Direct Primary Care Practice
  • Dr. Stefania Lima on Getting Started in Utilization Review
  • Dr. Nilong Vyas on Sleep Coaching for Primary Care Physicians
  • Dr. Mary Claire Haver on Creating a Successful Course
  • Dr. Amber Robins on Book Publishing and Medical Media Work
  • Dr. Archana Shrestha on Becoming a Physician Coach
  • Dr. Gretchen Green on Getting Started as an Expert Witness
  • Dr. Rachna Patel on Adding Medical Marijuana and CBD to Your Practice
  • Dr. Degha Fongod on Getting Started in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dr. Mary Claire Haver on Creating a Successful Digital Course
  • And more experts are being added each day.
You will also hear from physician speakers on other topics such as entrepreneurship and how to develop and sell a product. As part of the Summit, you will even get a sneak peek into our Women in White Coats Doctors' Lounge, our online membership area created specifically to empower women doctors and to give them all the skills they need to have a successful career. Register today and be sure to tell your female physician friends. So many of them might also be looking for this information. With a VIP Pass gain lifelong access to this valuable content along with a number of other perks!

Click here to read the bios of the women doctors who will be featured as a part of our Summit.

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What attendees are saying about this Summit:

"Very informative and uplifting!!!"

"Thank you for creating this summit. It came right on time, definitely re-lit a fire in my spirit. Looking forward to what is coming."

"Really terrific summit. I called a friend in another state and told her, 'You have to get in on this.' She loved it too, and found some great out of the box ideas."

"I just am so excited and it's definitely created a spark inside me!"

"This summit is phenomenal and you’ve added some amazing physicians to this summit. I’m inspired and I look forward to one day in the future being a speaker for this summit. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."

"Keep up the great work! This is so encouraging! This summit should be required for every medical student and resident. The information is real, practical and applicable to life in the real world of medicine! We need to share this information with [up and coming doctors] so they don't have to suffer the world of hard knocks. Happy doctors make for healthy patients!"

Because of this Summit attendees said:

  • I have multiple tangible ways of diversifying my income.
  • I have alternative sources for income apart from traditional practice
  • I am now starting my own business
  • I signed up for Life Coach training
  • I am actually moving forward with my desire to do a vegan wellness/weight loss coaching business
  • Making an online course
  • I have realized the "Imposter syndrome," and I am becoming more confident in my adventure in starting my own practice

Get started now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Summit start and finish?
The Summit starts on Aug 31 and ends Sept 4! During that time you can watch all the videos for free. After that, the videos will only be accessible to people who have purchased the VIP PASS.
How long do I have access to the Summit?
The Summit starts on Aug 31 and ends Sept 4! During that time you can watch all the videos for free. After that, the videos will only be accessible to people who have purchased the VIP PASS and you will have LIFE TIME ACCESS.
What if I am unhappy with the Summit?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.