Physician Wellness & Empowerment Virtual Summit

From Burning Out to Burning Bright

Hi, Sister Doc!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Are you experiencing burnout or on the verge of it?

Are you thinking about leaving medicine, but beating yourself up for even considering it?

Or perhaps you are feeling unappreciated and undervalued or like an imposter.

Maybe you can't ever seem to find work-life balance as a woman doc...


and we get you.

That's why we created our

Wellness and Empowerment Summit

as we take you

From Burning Out to Burning Bright

Join us for our

5 Day Summit

to Move You

From Exhausted & Overwhelmed

to Confident & Balanced

in your Career and Life



Our Summit Includes:

  • LIVE Workshop Recordings to gain clarity on what is at the root of exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout and how to take your power back right now so that you can begin to feel better about your career and personal life
  • Be Coached by the Co-Founders of Women in White Coats, Dr. Amber Robins and Dr. Archana Shrestha, who are both professional certified life coaches
  • Take a Sneak Peek into our Virtual Doctors' Lounge
  • Listen in on Panel Discussions with Women Docs Thinking Outside the Box and practicing medicine on their own terms

As a BONUS just for registering for this Summit who will immediately receive:

  • 10 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance as a Woman Doc & Worksheet
  • A Downloadable Sister Doc Gratitude Meditation
  • A Downloadable Guided Visualization Specifically for Women Doctors

Get the VIP Pass and have lifelong access to this life changing content along with a number of other exclusive perks:

  • 50 min private Life Coaching session with one of our Certified Physician Life Coaches
  • $100 off coupon for our 12 week Physician Wellness & Empowerment Program (starts in Jan 2022)
  • Lifetime Access to the Summit content

Sister Doc, prepare to be uplifted and empowered!

Hear from women doctors below who have attended our live events

What attendees have said about our Events:

The Women in White Coats Conference was a real Godsend. I benefited greatly from hearing the stories and insights of different female physicians. The conference also helped to open my eyes to some thought patterns in me which needed to be addressed. - Dr. Michelle, Internal Medicine

What I liked most was sharing a safe place with other real-life, vulnerable and courageous female MDs - Dr. Maryanna, OB/GYN

I love the coaching sessions and going through the worksheets. - Dr. Joanny, Dermatology

What I really liked was the ability to discuss wellness strategies and etiologies from people who carry expertise in this area. - Dr. Rachelle, Family Medicine

Coaching opened my eyes. I feel as though I have been on autopilot and been satisfied, but it opened my eyes, that I could do better and be better. Iā€™m opening up to more personally and professionally as a result of being a part of this conference. Thank you all! ā€ - Dr. Lyra, Pediatrics

I appreciated the sisterhood happy hours - Dr. Evelyn, Geriatrics

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the Summit?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your VIP PASS purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

Register today and tell your female physician friends who are ready to say good-bye to overwhelm and exhaustion and say hello to empowerment and balance.